Use your teacher heart and business experience to help the teachers down the hall (and around the world), all while finding more balance and joy in your own life.

Teachers, this is the secret we’ve been keeping for years, and it’s finally time to share it with you

Nothing in the history of the teaching world has ever been done like this before. 

And that’s exciting, exhilarating, and scary good all at the same time!

Becoming an online business coach to support other educators will be the catalyst to go from a teacher limited by a district pay scale to the next teacher millionaire.

And if you're reading this,

You Are the First Generation

of Teachers Supporting Teachers



9 Steps to Becoming An Online Business Coach For Teachers

A breakdown of exactly what it takes to go from pipedream to profit and become an online business coach for teachers using skills, knowledge, and resources you are already rockin’.


This BRAND NEW collection of shortcuts and time savers is designed to get you to the destination of your teacher dreams…

Want More Free Time to Pursue Your Passion Project Outside of the Classroom?

Incoming truth bomb: You don’t need to be busy 24-7 - it’s OK to break out of the traditional classroom teaching mentality and create a schedule that works for you in the season you are in (the real reason you’re #teachertired).

Need A Bank Balance That Doesn't Make You Sweat?

Replace your teaching salary by doing what you do best - you still get to teach but on your own terms (no one else will tell you this).

Desire A Greater Impact for WAY LESS Work?

Become a connector of teachers, develop a true community of educators where your impact has a global reach (there is room for everyone on the playground).


In 9 Steps to Becoming an Online Business Coach for Teachers, You'll Learn:

How to find teachers that are in need of your mentoring & coaching

and how to do it without adding hours to your already overscheduled work week.

(good news: as a teacher, you already possess a skill set that puts you ahead of the game)

How to create your own online business coaching offers for teachers

using the tools, knowledge, and resources you already have.

(hint: there’s more to your success than just creating printable lesson plans — I’ll show you what’s missing) 

How to mind-map your way to more clarity and confidence,

so you know exactly how to plan your coaching offers, book your clients, and create a true community of education rockstars

(+ the actionable steps you need to take today)

There is room for everyone on this playground

And it's our mission to empower, connect, and support you so that, together, we can create a ripple effect that turns into a new wave in education -
one where teachers come together, learn from each other, and live balanced lives while doing what they love.

Let's get this party started!

And if we haven’t met yet, I just know we’re about to be teacher BFFs - I’m Kayse Morris, mama to 5, former ELA teacher, host of the CEO Teacher® Podcast, and creator of the only all-in-one online business school for teachers. 
My journey from selling my resources online to becoming a 7-figure online business coach for teachers started with coaching, and I'm so ready to teach you the ins and outs of online business coaching in this book.
This is your moment, and I cannot wait to see you shine!