You have a unique teaching perspective that the world needs to see...

and you deserve to make more income than your capped district payscale.

Simply being here shows me you're ready to turn your expertise into a thriving teacher business.

And you need to know how to do it without extra degrees, spending more time you don’t have, or getting caught in the weeds of navigating something new, right?!!

This is your shortcut to getting started - without the student loan debt!

A teacher business can be as unique as YOU are! It's time to take your magic further than the 4 walls of your classroom. 

This online world changes faster than a moody middle schooler 😆
But with my help, you can skip the painful learning curve and build something that lasts...
and that gives you the freedom to do what makes you happy instead of just living paycheck to paycheck.

Establish Your Teacher Business Checklist

Top strategies to set your teacher passion on fire again and create a sustainable business that supports your wildest dreams.

It's the shortcut I wish I had when I started my business a decade ago!


Let Me Guess - You're Not Quite Convinced The CEO TeacherÂŽ Life is for You...

You're worried that it’s all been done before…

If this were true, we would have one recipe for bread on the shelves, one recipe for cake, and one single way to brew coffee.

Teachers and families need your brand of teacher expertise, the thing you do every day in the classroom that could touch the lives of students around the world 🌎

You don't have a clue what you'd actually create and sell.

There is a lot of random information floating around, and people are looking for support from actual humans who are doing the dang thing.

This checklist is going to help you narrow down your ideas, get clear on your main thing, and find what lights you up inside!

You wish someone would walk you through the steps to get started.

Well, my friend, you're in the right place! This checklist is just that - it shows you your first steps to get your business off the ground! 


With the Establish Your Teacher Business Checklist, You'll:

Choose Your Focus

Deciding what you want to offer (your main thing) and how to marry that with what your audience needs is the secret to making six figures online.

"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." - Dr. Stephen Covey

Set Up Your Business

From Branding to Creating Your LLC and everything in between, there is a structure to setting up your business. 

Don’t be scared of the legal aspects, it's all part of establishing something that stands the test of time!


Write Your Story

Your story, your experiences, and your knowledge are how you will connect with your people. 

There is a craft to writing a teacher brand story that resonates with your audience. Let’s uncover that together!

You Belong Here

The CEO TeacherÂŽ Community thrives on collaboration over competition, and we are here to support you and watch you flourish!

Hey Friend!

I’m Kayse Morris former 8th grade ELA teacher, mama of four, self-made teacher marketing expert, and creator of the CEO Teacher® Movement. 
The CEO Teacher® is dedicated to helping educators like you keep doing what they love (hello 👋 teaching) while finding more freedom and income using skills you already have in the online space.


I'm here to support you every step of the way - from establishing your business to seeing you flourish as our next 6- or 7-figure earner!