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Get the guide that uncovers ten business secrets that will transform you from a teacher on payroll to a CEO Teacher® paving your own way to more freedom and income than you ever thought possible 


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Jocelynn Hubbard

I Teach Custom

“I work with schools while coaching and training teachers to use cultural differences and create lessons that mirror those values. I’ve made thousands of dollars, thousands, from my consulting business. When you’re looking for a business coach, you want somebody who understands what that means and understands the impact we truly have in the classroom. Kayse is that person for me.”


In a Teacher's Map of Online Business Secrets, you'll learn


What it takes to turn your unique gifts and talents as an educator into a business that gives you a bigger impact AND income.  The beauty of this journey is that there are no limits to what you can dream and achieve.


The mindset shifts you need to stop hustling and start being strategic in leveraging your amazing teacher magic into something that sets your soul on fire.


My proven success path that has helped me and dozens of CEO Teachers® make over $100,000 a year, so you can do it too.
Once you download the map, you're also instantly added to the waitlist for our upcoming free training series.

It's time to take your teaching skills, expertise, and passion and build a profitable and purposeful online teaching business.


The best part?!  You get to make the rules!  You could...

  • Sell the resources you've created for your classroom
  • Make a course to teach something all of your coworkers ask you about
  • Coach teachers to help them with their specific struggles
  • Design physical products with your creative eye (like clothing, decor, stationary, etc.)

Or whatever lights YOU up inside!!!

Jennifer Gauthier

Teaching As We Speak

“I joined Kayse's universe, and the rest is history. I've really seen what I can do outside of the classroom, and I've really realized that what I love most is creating resources and curriculum. I've realized that I could make a whole career out of doing that. It's really opened my eyes. I'm already creating a course to launch this year. I 100% envision myself eventually doing this full-time one day.”


Hey friend, I'm Kayse Morris, teacher, mom of five, and your CEO Teacher® business coach & guide on this journey...

I help teachers (like you) keep doing what they love (teaching) while making a bigger impact and income online. Whether you are just getting started on this CEO Teacher® journey or are ready to grow your online teacher business, I am here for it, and YOU!
You are LIMITLESS, and it's time to start believing it!
 As a teacher, you’re uniquely positioned to succeed in the online education industry.
I know, I know, the mere thought of that might make you break out in hives.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard: “I’m a teacher NOT an entrepreneur!” — but here’s what I learned the hard way… 
There’s an infinite amount of opportunity out there and a finite number of people with the natural skills to reach out and grab it.
Welcome to a world where there is no ceiling and where you get to make an impact on your terms. I’m honored to be your guide. 🧗‍♀️
So put on your hiking boots 🥾, grab your map 🗺, and let’s explore the possibilities of what your future holds...together.
The best is yet to come, 

Xo, Kayse